"Southwest interior design style gives a space a strong sense of place."

Southwest interior design style features a confluence of Spanish and Native American elements.  

When decorating your home to reflect this style, take inspiration from the materials and colors found in the arid regions of the southwestern United States.

Southwest Interior Design Tips

For color inspiration picture native adobe dwellings, red clay cliffs, dry sandy desserts, sculptural twisted trees, and the brilliant blue sky for starters.  This can help you set the tone for an authentic southwestern color palette in your space.  

Aged and muted tones of red, orange or yellow are key colors to consider.  If possible choose a very subtle, faux finish for your walls that evokes the look of aged adobe stucco.    

If you want to take a more neutral or contemporary approach to color, consider white or off-white walls and reference the southwest through stone and wood finishes as well as the furnishings you choose for your space.  

Look for wall art, area rugs and decorative pillows that inject a splash or southwestern color or style motif into the scheme without overwhelming it.  

A successful southwest design scheme need not rely heavily on Navajo motifs, clay pots and terra cotta floor tile to be successful, though there is nothing wrong with incorporating any of these things.  

The key is to remember that your scheme can be subtler and still successfully convey a southwestern feel.

Round out your space with carved wood furnishings, leather or natural fabric upholstery items.  This is an opportunity to display that faux cow hide you've always loved.

Consider adding wooden ceiling beams; they strongly convey the native and Spanish overtones of this style.

Elements of worked metal play an important role in this style as well.  

Look for opportunities to incorporate metal decor into your scheme. Light fixtures, wall art and side tables are all opportunities to infuse some rustic metal, such as wrought iron, into your design.

Tile floors are a fundamental part of southwest design style. Terra cotta tile is a traditional choice, but other types of natural stone tile work great, too. Layer your tile floor with multi-colored or simple, woven rugs for best effect.

Southwestern style carries a sense of casual, lived-in elegance.  If you are looking for a twist on earthy sophistication, you may find this to be the perfect style for you.

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