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"I love a kitchen island design that features an extra sink."

When it comes to kitchen island design there are many choices. Islands exist in many shapes and sizes in a multitude of materials and finishes. Unless your kitchen is extremely small, there is probably a design that will work well in your space.

kitchen island design

As its name suggests, a kitchen island is unattached from the rest of the counter and cabinet areas. Usually a kitchen island design is square or rectangular, but many designs today are curved and otherwise asymmetrical.

A kitchen island usually provides more than just one or two benefits in a kitchen interior design plan. It can host an extra sink or under-the-counter appliance. It might offer an informal eating area with a bar on one side. It might act as a functional space divider in an otherwise open floor plan. Of course, it provides extra storage space for kitchen items. And many times, it’s the place where the groceries land after a trip to the supermarket.

What an amazingly versatile and valuable kitchen design feature! No wonder it’s so popular.

traditional kitchen island design

The photo above illustrates a common, rectangular shaped kitchen island design. However, the details are anything but common. Notice the intricately carved legs that give this island the look of high end furniture. It provides a visual that complements nicely the traditional style of the kitchen.

Notice, too, how the finish on the island does not match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, though it does carry the same style of counter top. This is perfectly fine. In fact, choosing a finish a bit opposite the rest of the kitchen (dark vs. light) makes the island stand out as a handsome focal point. Imagine if the island were white like the rest of the cabinetry. It would have blended in and the whole scene would - though still nice - not have been nearly as arresting.

Another nice thing about this design is how it recovers the function of much of the empty floor space in the middle of the kitchen while at the same time providing a visual divider between the food preparation area and the rest of the living space.

modern kitchen island design

The modern kitchen island design above is interesting for its uniqueness. It cleverly wraps around a support column in the center of the kitchen space.

One part of this circular island is used for food prep while the other portion acts as an informal dining zone. Instead of being solid all the way to the floor, there is open space that allows chairs to be slide underneath. This strikes a comfortable balance between the various needs of the household – food preparation, kitchen storage as well as entertainment.

As you consider a kitchen island design, make sure it will function in a way that complements your needs and lifestyle.

portable kitchen island design

This kitchen island (right) is really quite simple. But it adds valuable function, none-the-less.

It is essentially a portable kitchen island – light enough to be moved around as needed. This can be the perfect solution if you have a smaller space or just can’t afford a more elaborate alternative.

Portable islands similar to this can be purchased easily at a home goods store or even constructed as weekend project if you have some basic carpentry skills. Often they are designed with wheels so they can be moved about quite easily.

The main thing is this island accomplishes what it needs to – provide extra counter top and storage space. This is a great place to prep food and stage it for serving. It also provides a foundational element to feature an attractive flower arrangement or a bowl of brightly colored fruit. This may provide the extra burst of charm your kitchen needs.

There’s no doubt about it - a kitchen island design is one of the most valuable features in a kitchen today.

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