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"Kitchen interior design for the hub of the home."

Kitchen interior design has been evolving. Once upon a time, the kitchen was kept distinctly separate from social and dining areas. But this isn't how we live now. I know I don't. You probably don't either.

Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen has become the hub of life in the home, and a design that reflects this reality is one that will be most functional and enjoyable.

As you consider how you want to plan the design or redesign of your kitchen consider these basic questions:

ē How much space is available?

ē How will it be used?

ē What kind of atmosphere do you want?

Careful consideration of each of these questions will help you reach a starting point around which to base a kitchen interior design plan that is perfect for your lifestyle. You may even want to get a sense of how it will all look through the use of an online kitchen design tool.

Of course, your budget will play a key role in your kitchen interior design plan. At some point a happy medium between your goals and your budget may need to be worked out. For now, though, letís take a look at each one of these fundamental questions while considering some kitchen design ideas along the way.


One of the fundamental variables in any design project is space. Determining how much space you have to work with is necessary to then determine what features can be included in your design and how they can best be arranged for your benefit.

Kitchen Scene 2

Now is the time to consider if changing the layout of your current space configuration is a priority. A more open floor plan for kitchen interior design has become very popular in recent years as entertainment needs have shifted.

The merging of food prep and social areas can be seen in these two different views (above/below) of the same white kitchen area.

White kitchen cabinetry is a popular choice for many people today. Check out my white kitchen page to learn why this could be the perfect solution for you.

Kitchen Scene 1

Have a tiny kitchen space? Check out my tips on planning a small kitchen design.

If you think youíd like to make changes to your floor plan, contact a building professional for advice. Make sure that what you are envisioning will not compromise the structural integrity of your home when constructed. Certain load bearing wall structures must be dealt with carefully to avoid serious consequences, but solutions can be found for almost any design idea.

Once you have a clear idea of how much space you have to work with, you will want to consider the next big question. How will your kitchen area be used?


Now is the time to think about what elements will be in the space and positioning them for best use.

Kitchen Round Island

Are you an avid cook? More than one sink might be best in your kitchen. Imagine how beneficial it would be to have an extra sink built into an island that also includes a range and under-the-counter refrigerator - for quick access to fresh produce, of course. The close proximity of these items could be invaluable when youíre whipping up one of your famous gourmet meals.

For more on islands, check out my kitchen island design page.

Maybe you entertain a lot and want to remove the lines between separate social and cooking areas by pursuing a more open floor plan. Including a dual purpose island-bar that serves as a functional division between the kitchen work zone and adjacent social spaces might be the perfect solution. This could allow you to stay in touch with your guests while you prepare things in the kitchen. Is there a great window view to take advantage of in your kitchen? If there isnít currently, maybe a dramatic window is something you want to design into your plan if itís important to you.

Kitchen Windows

In the kitchen shown here, a great view is maximized by avoiding upper cabinetry in favor of a triple play of windows along one wall. A dramatic range hood and graphic, tiled back splash provide a visual focal point in the space. The island in the center serves the needs of storage, food preparation and informal dining.

Is it desirable to have media elements in the room? A built in television or an office nook for a laptop computer has become an important element in kitchen interior design. Being able to monitor news, quickly check email or search a recipe online can be really convenient.

A critical part of getting your design right is planning proper lighting. Itís important to include the three types of lighting for an effective, functional design. For more detail on this subject, check out my interior design lighting page.

As you consider the idea of functionality, take some time to think carefully about how you live your life and how the features of your kitchen can be arranged to complement that. Think beyond the conventional - customize your kitchen interior design to fit you.


Once you have your decided how you want your kitchen to support your lifestyle and have a good idea of what features you want to include based on the space available, itís time to think about the overall look of it.

Kitchen Scene 1

What kind of atmosphere do you want your kitchen interior design to project? Maybe warm and cozy is what you had in mind with traditional styling and wood tones. Or perhaps the look you are going for is sleek and clean with a strong emphasis on stainless steel and glass. How about painted or color washed cabinetry with rustic or ethnic appeal?

There are so many approaches available to creating your perfect kitchen. You are limited only by your imagination.

Kitchen Scene 2

Textures and materials of all kinds play a key role in the success of any kitchen interior design. Floor materials available to you range from wood and stone across the spectrum to vinyl and laminates with elaborate, inlaid graphic designs. For more on this topic check out my kitchen floor design page.

While flooring options are many, there are quite a few options available for counter tops as well. You might select metal, marble, concrete, wood, granite, or laminate to name a few.

Combine different visual textures to create greater interest in the overall scheme. Sleek stainless steel pulls look great on warm wood toned cabinetry for example. Glass paneled upper cabinet doors can ease the appearance of weight and break up the expanse of wood in an interesting and stylish way.

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