“Italian Interior Design Emphasizes Drama in a Modern Context.”

Italian interior design is all about combining the best parts of past and present in a way that is uniquely modern. Though an element of rustic elegance exists within the spectrum of Italian design (see my Tuscan Interior Design page), the emphasis here will be on the style's more cutting-edge aspects along with some techniques to make them your own.

Modern Italian décor starts with an appreciation for simple forms and clean lines.

Geometric furniture shapes are a key aspect of this approach, but it’s not uncommon for some more traditional elements to be added to the mix as well.

To what exactly am I referring? Well, for example you might combine a large tufted ottoman with a minimalist, modern sofa in the living room. The tufted fabric will add a dash of interest to the streamlined surroundings.

Add a dramatic light fixture overhead to enhance the scene and create the touch of boldness that is a hallmark of Italian style.

When it comes to wall color a neutral palette of white, gray, taupe or beige will provide a great backdrop to accent the bold artwork or furnishings common to Italian style . A feature wall with damask wallpaper or a display of pop art is a perfect complement to this scheme.

Alternately, you could take the reverse approach – go bold on the walls and neutral in your furnishings. Either way, you are sure to raise the level of drama...the kind that you find in Italian interior design today.

Select decorative accessories that are dominant and sculptural. High profile, modern floor lamps and dramatic side tables are the ticket.

Combine metal, wood, stone and glass when it comes to your finishes. Wood and metal furniture, glass mosaic tile, granite counter tops and marble floors are all examples of the way various elements are combined within an Italian interior design setting to stunning effect.

Give careful thought to your furniture arrangement. Include multiple seating areas when possible – some social and some private. Positioning a sleek, modern chaise lounge by itself is an example of how you can create a personal retreat within the context of your overall living environment. Each area then has a specific role to better serve whoever is occupying the space.

If you love drama with a modern flair, Italian design style may be the perfect approach for you. Start by thinking sleek, add some touches of bold and you are on your way!

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