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"Interior texture adds important visual interest to a design scheme."

Interior texture is closely related to the subject of interior pattern. It could technically be considered a form of pattern.

Texture is a key element to making a space interesting and inviting. Textural depth is created by mixing items of different texture within your interior design scheme.


• a smooth glass table

• a tactile, waffle weave throw

• a sleek leather chair

• a luxurious chenille drapery panel

• a shiny, lacquered cabinet

• a soft, shaggy, sheepskin rug

• a rough hewn, wood floor

…all included in the design scheme. Were your eyes moving around that room taking in all the detail?

Think of various ways to include and combine texture within your space. A room without texture, though nicely composed, will look flat and boring. Textural juxtaposition is a critical component to overall success in any interior environment but becomes even more powerful in a monochromatic or a restrained, contemporary interior.

Visual texture can be perceived as warm or cool, similar to color. For example, a glass table would evoke cool qualities because of its clear smoothness when compared to a cross-section of tree trunk that's playing the role of a unique end table. Mixing warm and cool textures in a space can make it more interesting and sophisticated. The eye is drawn from one detail to the next.

Focusing texture on one side of the temperature spectrum can create a sense of harmony. Keep in mind the impact color has on the perceived temperature of an item as well.

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