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"These interior design trends shout sophistication!"

Some nice interior design trends have emerged in recent years. I always enjoy looking through design publications and, yes, even studying the ad layouts in design magazines. I know it sounds strange, but advertisements can be worth a second look when it comes to decorating.

Bedroom Interior Design Trend

They say a lot about current trends in:

• Styles

• Colors

• Texture

• Fabrics

• Lighting

You could say I’m a picture oriented guy. Maybe that’s just a throw back to my childhood when picture books were the best and those without fun illustrations…well…they were just plain boring. To me, checking out how an interior is arranged and how the various style elements support one another is fun – even if it is an advertisement. It gives me ideas for how I’d like my home to be.

I have to admit, the current interior design trends are exciting! They shout sophistication regardless of specific style – casual, traditional, contemporary or classic. Now is not the time to be “matchy-matchy” and super uptight by making everything in your space ultra coordinated to mind numbing detail.

The current trend is a bit different. To me it is essentially a sophisticated blending of style types and materials to create a look that is very appealing. There are various elements that are brought together to establish this appeal.

Style Mix

Starting with one style and then adding elements of another one contributes to the look of today’s popular interiors. The combination of classic and contemporary elements looks refreshingly interesting. For example, furniture with a contemporary silhouette sits beautifully within classically traditional architecture regardless of the purpose of the room. I see this approach used a lot in the interior design world today.

Living Room Interior Design Trend

Glamor and Shimmer

Infusing your interior with a hint of shimmer is hot these days. Examples include iridescent, glass mosaic tiles featured on the wall between the kitchen counter and upper cabinets as well as in the bathroom on the walls of the shower. It looks fantastic!

You can add a touch of glamor with your lighting also. Glass ball or cube lamps with touches of chrome are hot right now. I really like the ones that look like a stack of glass orbs. The shade forces some light down this lucid column and it shimmers.

Speaking of shades, the interior design trend of late has been towards barrel shades. This goes for chandeliers as well as table lamps. A chandelier in a dining room might have one large barrel shade or multiple, smaller barrel shades – one for each candle. Whether large or small, barrel shades look modern and sophisticated!

Pale Palettes

For the last several years, neutral yet sophisticated color palettes have been popular. Based on what I’ve been seeing lately, this is still the case to a large degree.

One paint color combo that’s been very popular in particular is parchment or light tan colored walls with white trim. It’s a sharp combination! I liked it so much that I painted my own interior this way. It provides a sophisticated back drop that’s interesting to look at yet is easy to live with.

Another scheme that I’ve been seeing more of lately is soft, silvery blue for walls combined with white trim. This looks particular good with chrome and glass accenting as mentioned in the lighting section. A touch of black adds nice dimension to the scheme as well.

Kitchen Interior Design Trend

Warm and White

In the realm of kitchen design , warm wood surfaces remain and will probably always be popular for cabinetry. But as an alternative, white cabinetry would have to be classified as one of the interior design trends of today.

White kitchens look very clean and project a bit of a contemporary feel. Yet, the style of the cabinetry can be quite traditional in nature. And white cabinetry looks great with warm colored floors. This lends credence to the benefit of combining elements from different styles and different color temperatures for greater visual sophistication.

Stainless steel appliances and cabinetry hardware remain popular in kitchen design today, providing interesting metallic shimmer.

Tactile Emphasis

Interior deign trends in the area of texture demonstrate the benefit of mixing different types of materials for a more sophisticated look.

I have noticed that in a restrained, contemporary environment for example, a shaggy area rug can be used to add just the right amount of textural variation to the streamlined surroundings.

Wicker style, woven storage bins and baskets are popular not only for their organizational benefits but for the visual texture they provide as well. Cane and wicker furniture is often mixed with more refined, upholstered pieces to nice effect.

Hydrangeas are popular for interior floral arrangements as they provide great visual texture against a refined background of furnishings. Sophisticated variation is the key, and designers are going for it big time.

Streamlined Views

A current interior design trend for windows seems to be less fabric and more emphasis on the architectural elements of the view. Handsome trim work is shown off in this way, and a lighter, more contemporary look emerges regardless of the overall room style. The space expands visually and feels more open.

Wall Art Design Trend

Roman shades are popular when more privacy is needed. These look great tailored to fit neatly within the window frame to allow the architecture of the window to take center stage.

Finishing Touches

Handsome books are a key element among the interior design trends in accessories. Designers will often create stacks of them to display. On tables, on shelves, on the floor…stacks of books continue to be a hot finishing touch. In many cases I think the color and texture they provide for the design scheme is more important than their actual content.

On the walls, black and white photography continues to be a hot choice. It’s a great way to add your own personal touch or create the feeling of a gallery. Plus it adds some refreshing contemporary pizazz to any room’s style.

Popular arrangements for wall art are a quadrant pattern or a linear pattern placed horizontally or vertically on the wall.

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