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"A good interior design sketch requires observation of a space as it truly is."

Having the ability to create realistic interior design sketches is an important aspect of career preparation and execution in the interior design field. Many designers take advantage of three-dimensional rendering software to create realistic interpretations of interior spaces using a computer. Kitchen Sketch Developing proficiency in classic hand sketching, however, is foundational to a deeper understanding of key visual elements like depth, proportion and scale. This is why many, if not most, professional interior design programs involve classic drawing course work.

My online interior design school experience proved to be no exception. The good thing is that even if youíre not naturally adept at drawing (like me), you will become proficient as you work at it. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to interior sketching.

Already an experienced interior sketcher? Showcase your best work to the visitors of this page!

The combination of line, light and shadow are used to build up an interior design sketch. A mastery of these elements used in correct scale and perspective will help you achieve results that you can present to a client as a professional designer, providing insight on what your interior proposal will look like. Many people find it hard to imagine a room scenario without the aid of drawings. Visuals are a very important aspect of the interior design field.

A key to good sketching is to observe something as it really is and to get beyond preconceived notions about how the object should be represented. As a child you probably learned to draw things in symbol-like ways. As a result, when attempting to realistically draw a table or a chair for example, you might find it tough to overcome the clichť images long established in your brain and draw what you really see. Retraining the brain can be a hurdle, but Iíve found itís a hurdle that can be overcome if you study and practice diligently.

Sketch Tip:

ē To help train your brain to see a composition as it really is, try this sketch tip. Take a basic line drawing of a person or object, turn it upside down, and then attempt to draw it on sketch paper. Turning the subject image upside down helps to remove the preset format in which your brain is used to seeing the object. You should find that itís easier to focus on the lines of the drawing as they really exist and not get side tracked with a mental caricature.

Living Room Sketch

In addition to line, a drawing composition can be defined through the interaction of shadow and light by means of positive and negative space.

Imagine you are drawing a table against a blank background, for example. Think of the table as inhabiting positive space while the empty area around it is negative space. You could sketch the image of the table by focusing on the outlines of its physical form (positive space), or you could build up the image by shading the blank area (negative space) around the table instead. The light area will then be in the shape of the table by default.

There are many facets to becoming good at interior design sketching. What Iíve mentioned only scratches the surface of the broader subject.

In any fine drawing course you can expect to cover topics like scale and proportion as well. Can you see how good understanding and application of these elements is critical to a realistic rendering of an interior? Imagine the converging lines of a long hallway, or the variation in furniture size across a living room space from near to far. The concepts of perspective and scale are critical to getting the image right. This interior hallway is a sample of my work with perspective after learning some basics. The two books that together were instrumental in helping me develop my sketching abilities were:

ē Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

ē How to Draw What You See

When working to develop the skills needed for good interior design sketching, itís good to have an instructor or fellow classmate critique your work. This will help you correct aspects of your technique that need refinement. Eventually, your hard work will pay off in your design career as you bring beautiful interior scenes to life for your clients.

Experienced at Sketching Interior Design Scenes?

Share your story and showcase your single, best interior design sketch to visitors of this page!

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