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"Interior decorating tips to update your style on a budget..."

Looking for some relatively inexpensive interior decorating tips that will have a big impact but won’t break the bank? Here are some great ideas that can help.

I’ve found that making sizable interior design updates in my own home can be quite expensive. Often my exciting plans and the reality of my budget are not in sync with each other. It can be frustrating!

You might be experiencing this now. Don’t give up. Here is some interior design advice to help freshen and rejuvenate some key rooms in your home for less than you might think. Try some or all of these interior decorating tips and impress your friends with your room makeover skills.


Revitalize Your Kitchen Cabinetry

White Kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the most expensive areas of the home to update. New cabinetry can cost a fortune. If a complete remodel is not in your budget for now, get some more mileage out of your current cabinets by painting them and updating the hardware. These interior decorating tips can have a wonderful, transforming effect on your kitchen space.

If you're not sure on paint color, consider white. It's timeless, clean-looking, and continues to be a popular choice in current kitchen trends.

To prepare the surface of stained, wood cabinetry prior to painting apply a sealer/stain killer to get a nice paint job without stain bleed through. For this I recommend Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. It's amazing! It adheres without the need to sand the surface first. The primer will create a nice base for the paint topcoat.

And don’t forget this important interior design tip: replace your outdated door and drawer pulls with new ones. You’ll be surprised at how much better your kitchen will look with up to date hardware and a beautiful, new paint finish.

If you have more money in your scaled down budget consider glass panel inserts for the doors on the upper cabinets. This can really give you a look that is beautiful and sophisticated. It’s a popular feature in current kitchen design. The glass can be fluted, frosted, or clear. There are many options.

Contemporary Dining Room

Have appliances that work well but are stuck in colors that date into the past? Update them, too, with paint. There is appliance spray paint that can work wonders in this situation. You don’t have to be saddled with that “Harvest Gold” refrigerator from the 1970's while the rest of the kitchen has a new, updated feel.

Transform Your Walls

Don’t stop with the cabinetry and appliances. A updated color on the walls will go a very long way to updating your look. I think paint gives you the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to a basic makeover. It's one of the most effective interior design tips for any room of your home.

So, say goodbye to that dated look and paint your walls into the twenty-first century with a stylish, new hue. Not sure what color will be best for you? Check out my color page for interior decorating tips and information related to color.

Re-imagine Your Lighting

Is that over-the-sink light from the 1970’s making your kitchen look “uncool” these days? What about in the dining room? The 1980’s chandelier not looking as “bodacious” as it used to? You can swap these for new models to update your room’s look.

Take it a step further if you’ve got a little room in your lower cost budget and add some recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting to bring even more depth and style to the room. This will make it more functional at the same time. Check out more details on the essential levels of illumination on my lighting page to make the most of this interior decorating tip.

Wall Art

Enhance Your Dining Room Chairs

You can do this with slipcovers. Try this home decorating tip to help take attention away from that worn dining room furniture and elevate it with a stylish, new look. Regardless of whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, there is a style to complement that. Dining chair slipcovers can be purchased from many department stores, or you could choose specific fabric and make them yourself if you have the sewing skills.

Update Your Accessories

By replacing some dated accessories with some fresh, new items it can add a reviving touch to a tired room. How about some new wall art? Black and white framed photos can add a distinguishing look to any room style. Of course, fresh, cut flowers always add a nice accessory touch. Don’t overlook this simple interior decorating tip.


Slipcover Your Furniture

Instead of spending a fortune on a new sofa and chairs, try this interior decorating tip - cover them. With a slipcover you can instantly transform an outdated relic of some bygone era into Living Room Detailsomething chic and expressive of current trends. There are a variety of styles available now in fantastic fabrics. You can save hundreds and really update your look this way.

Even if the upholstery of your current seating is in fine shape, slipcovers are a great way to change the look of your living room space by season. For example, maybe your current sofa fabric is a deep, rich color which looks warm and inviting during fall and winter, but you'd like something fresh for spring and summer.

Try this solution. Slipcover the chair and sofa in a light colored fabric for the warmer months and swap out a few room accessories. Voila! You have a new, cooler look instantly and you didn't have to buy new furniture to do it.

Add an Area Rug

Here’s an interior design decorating tip you might consider, too. An area rug can be a unifying factor for your color scheme. Try tying together the main color elements of your room with a patterned area rug. A rug like this works best on wood floors or very low pile carpet. For related tips check out my pattern and texture page.

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