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“It only takes a little space to provide a great home office solution!”

Finding a home office solution is easier than you may think. If you are not blessed with an extra room in the house that can serve as an interior office solution, alternative home office ideas exist to complement your interior style.

Home Office Idea

A space in almost any room can work as a home office.

• Kitchen

• Living Room

• Den

• Basement

• Bedroom

In the most basic sense, you will need a furniture item like a desk or small table to act as a writing surface and home base for your computer and necessary peripheral equipment. And, of course, a comfortable chair that coordinates with the room decor goes without saying.

If you organize your home office area efficiently and edit out extra items it need not take up much area at all.

A big problem that often pops up (or you might say dangles down) is that mess of ugly cords that wreaks total havoc on your decorative Zen. It’s a situation that calls for some creative thinking.

Thankfully, there are tricks you can employ to reduce the negative visual impact that your home office solution may have on your interior décor

If at all possible choose wireless technology to limit the visual clutter. Installing a wireless home network is fairly inexpensive these days and can eliminate a lot of cords when paired with appropriate wireless devices. The wireless hub can be located in an out of the way location where it will not be visible.

Home Office Solution

Virtually all new laptop computers have built in wireless technology and they take up less real estate than desktop models. The freedom to roam throughout the house (or even outside) without restrictions is a great! You can find the place where you can work most effectively at any given time.

If you already have equipment with unsightly cords, consider bundling the many individual cords together inside a piece of flexible tubing and then attaching the tube to the underside of your desk, along a wall or another inconspicuous location within reach. Alternate solutions for controlling cord clutter may also be found at your local office supply store.

Take advantage of furniture like an office armoire or similar feature to host your computer equipment. You can close it up when you are not using it. This can help to conceal all those nasty cords and let your home office naturally blend with the rest of your décor.

You really can combine technology and design in your home without sacrificing visual harmony by employing a crafty, home office solution.

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