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"10 holiday decor ideas for a warm and festive season."

Brainstorming new holiday decor ideas can be fun yet challenging. I’ve compiled a list to help you get started. I’ve checked it once. I’ve checked it twice. There’s no naughty here - just nice. Ta-dah! I give you 10 holiday decor ideas to make your home more festive:

Flickering Candle

1. Spread Ambiance

Instead of keeping your holiday decor relegated to one room in the house – the living room or den, for example, spread elements throughout your living environment. This doesn’t mean you should overpower your rooms with Christmas decorations necessarily. Sometimes less is more. Tasteful and carefully arranged displays here and there are often all that is needed to tie together a holiday atmosphere.

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In a bedroom, echo the big Christmas tree in the living room with a small, lighted tree on a dresser or nightstand. I like the artistic, spiral ones made of metal. The subdued glow will evoke a warm, holiday atmosphere for the lucky person who sleeps there.

How about a potted Poinsettia in the kitchen? This flower is a traditional Christmas one and its bright red blooms bring delightful color to enhance a festive atmosphere.

Try an arrangement of candles in the bathroom. Round candles with winter motifs bring to mind the ornaments on the Christmas tree. This will be a perfect holiday reminder for all who enter.

Ornament Wreath

For a child’s room consider temporarily wrapping some of the pictures on the wall with gift wrap and trimmings for a whimsical reminder that the big day is on its way.

2. Re-imagine Your Ornaments

Fill a large, clear glass bowl or vase with tree ornaments. Make it a colorful feature on a side table in the entry hall on in the kitchen…almost anywhere really. Coordinate this holiday decor idea with your overall room scheme.

Make a wreath - a modern version of the traditional form. Create the wreath from various, round ornaments attached to a wire, wreath form using twist ties and a glue gun. The wreath makes a sophisticated, reflective statement on a front door or above a fireplace.

Ornaments aren't just for trees. Get creative!

3. Sparkle with Candlelight

Candles are still a very big part of creating a festive holiday atmosphere. Create groupings displayed with other holiday accessories like ornaments, greens, pine cones, star shapes, etc. When the lights are turned down, the flickering candle light is magical. If that doesn’t enhance your holiday spirit, I don’t know what will!

Holiday Table

Of course, placement is always important, especially if young children and pets are in the mix. Never leave your lighted candle displays unsupervised.

4. Deck Your Table

Here’s a holiday decor idea you can put on the table…literally. When you host holiday guests, boost the atmosphere with your choice of table settings. Layer the table in white, gold, reds, and other jewel tones, for example. The arrangement of your glass and dinnerware can all work together to create the perfect dining atmosphere. Use the colors and materials to enhance the holiday sparkle.

5. Go Green

There is something very warm and festive that is added to an interior environment when greens are used in holiday decoration. Real greens, like fir or pine, look and smell the best. There are some realistic looking artificial variations, however, that could be used and reused from year to year.

Consider using this holiday decor idea for fireplace mantels, along the handrail of stairways and on the chandelier fixture over a kitchen or dining table to name a few.

Holiday Room

6. Hunt and Gather

Bring a natural element to your holiday decor by including some nature based items such as realistic looking, jeweled pears and red berries nestled among displays of greens. This is particularly effective in a traditional or Victorian interior environment.

Here’s a tip: fill a large, clear bowl or vase with oranges to infuse a kitchen area with a burst of exciting color. It can act as a table centerpiece and also provide easy access to a healthy holiday snack.

7. Try a White Christmas Tree

Take a different approach this year by putting up a white Christmas tree – artificial, of course. This would be particularly effective in a contemporary or modern interior environment. Imagine…a white room furnished in metallic, clean and simple lines. A white tree with white lights would be stunning in such an environment. Can anybody say, “Let’s get this party started”?

For many a white tree won’t fit their circumstances, but if you in live in a modern style interior you should at least consider it.

8. Stage a Show

Position your lighted holiday accessories in a way that takes advantage of any mirrors or reflective surfaces you have available to you. This will add more sparkle to the room. When candlelight or the glimmer of the Christmas tree is reflected it will enhance the Beautiful Gifts ambiance of the room, especially when the main room lights are dimmed. If you don’t have your room lighting connected to a dimmer switch, now is the time to do it. Consult with a professional before messing with any electrical wires, though, to avoid the risks associated with electrical current.

9. Wrap It Up

If you have your gift shopping completed well before Christmas Day you can use the items as decorating accessories until your intended recipients open them. Wrap them in beautiful paper, ribbons and trimmings. Then stage them under the tree for visual effect. Not only does it look great, but it fills that empty space under the tree that usually exists prior to Christmas Day. Make decorative use of the gifts while you are waiting for the big day.

If you don’t want to use your actual purchases for whatever reason, go for some basic, wrap empty boxes of various sizes as substitutes using the same process. In this case they could be stored and reused the following year.

Making a Gingerbread House

10. Make a Gingerbread House

Here’s a holiday decor idea that the kids will love helping you with: create a gingerbread house. There are gingerbread house kits available for purchase to make it easier. The gingerbread shapes are pre-cut. You put them together to form the house and finish it off with delicious candies and frostings. The resulting sweet tooth architecture will make a great holiday display. Don’t overlook this opportunity spend quality time with family or friends while creating a whimsical, festive center piece.

Hopefully these ten holiday decor ideas have helped inspire you to think of other things you can do to add special sparkle and warmth to your interior environment during the Christmas season. I wish you the best of holidays!

What's Your Top Holiday Decorating Idea?

What do you do that makes your home's interior special during the holidays? Is there a way you decorate that few others do? We'd love to know!

Share your story and related interior photo. Who knows...your own holiday decor ideas might start an international trend!

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