"From a Passion…to Building an Online Business"

Building an online business?  I never really imagined my passion would lead me to do it, but sometimes life takes interesting and unexpected turns.

Hi! Scott here. It's great to know we share a common interest in design and decor. My interest in interior design has been influenced a great deal by my work experiences and personal, home renovation projects.

I discovered my love for design some years ago when I secured a position as a sales consultant at a decorating center. For two years I worked alongside others in the home improvement field learning about the elements that make up a beautiful interior space.

Just as important, though, were my own interior renovation experiences that gave me the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge I had gained helping others reach their home improvement goals. It was all very satisfying, but little did I know it would eventually lead me to building an online business revolving around these very concepts.

Over time I enrolled in some great interior design courses with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online to further refine my understanding of design principles.

It's my opinion that the best way to learn something new is through experimentation and trial and error. This is true with interior design as well. Even if things don’t work out quite perfectly the first time, the lesson learned to get it right is what is vital because it sticks with you for life. The person who said “practice make perfect” was definitely onto something.

Of course, anytime you can get strategic tips and guidance before you dive headfirst into a large home project is invaluable. That’s part of the reason I created this website. 

I was lucky to discover Site Build It (SBI) since I know very little about complicated HTML code and Search Engine Optimization. I found SBI to be the comprehensive and easy-to-use design system that I needed to create a successful website at my own pace. 


I’m convinced one of the most satisfying ventures is building an online business that revolves around the things you love the most.  You experience the enjoyment of sharing your passion while earning extra income as well.  What’s not to love?   

If you have ever wanted to build an online business around your knowledge or hobby, I’m convinced from experience that Site Build It is the route to go.

Thank you for visiting Interior-Design-Tutor.net and sharing in my enthusiasm for great interior design.  I hope you find it inspirational in helping you to unleash the interior designer within you.

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