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"Do you know the key to great bedroom interior design?"

Bedroom interior design opens up a world of possibility and challenge. If you think about it, you probably spend about a third of your life in your bedroom. What an amazing amount of time! Most of that, of course, is spent in dreamland. Pink and Black BedroomThere is nothing like comfortable, restful sleep.

With your bedroom being such a key part of life, designing it to complement the way you live will make all the difference. And of course, you've got to love the way it looks. Whether it's a sophisticated black and pink bedroom (like the one seen here) or a streamlined, simple bedroom ...design a sense of style into your bedroom.

It’s true that restful sleep is a key function of any bedroom, but it is not necessarily the only function. There are multiple types of bedroom spaces – master bedrooms, kid bedrooms, and guest bedrooms, for example. Each can have somewhat different needs. Consider this as you develop your own bedroom interior design plan.

The key is to really evaluate how the room will be used. An understanding of this will help inform the rest of your bedroom plan as it relates to lighting, window treatments and other elements. For example, the needs of an adult master bedroom scheme will be a bit different from that of a young, school-aged child. And a baby’s room will need to support different needs than a guest bedroom will. Think about this in relation to the specific room you have in mind.

As you move ahead, here are some bedroom interior design tips to consider:

• Paint the walls a soothing color to enhance a restful mood.

• Incorporate a task area into a child’s bedroom layout for homework, creative sketching, or computer use.

• Maximize the use of your bedroom storage with a closet organizing system and under-the-bed storage containers.

Stylishly Simple Bedroom

• For small spaces consider wall mounted, swing-arm lamps for either side of the bed to provide light for bedtime reading while simultaneously saving valuable floor space.

• Incorporate a form of seating to provide a place to relax or a stable place to put on your shoes in the morning. This could take the form of a distinct sitting area (if you have the space) or an upholstered bench or a narrow wooden chest at the foot of your bed, for example.

• Use black-out liner on draperies to help prevent street lamps or early morning light to interrupt your sleep.

• Instead of a plain lighting fixture on the ceiling, add some drama with a chandelier appropriate to the style of the room.

By first understanding your needs for the space, you will be prepared to incorporate the right functionality into your bedroom interior design plan. Make the elements fit your life, and then build up your style. The result will be more satisfying than focusing on style alone as your ultimate goal.

Ready to create the perfect look for your bedroom? Check out these style collections.

Share Your Bedroom Interior Design Story

Do you have a great story about a recent bedroom makeover you did? Do you love the style and comfort you achieved? Share it with us!

Consider including any special design challenges you may have faced and then solved as well as any inside tips you would share as a result of your experience.

And don't forget the eye candy! Add a photo of the finished results. You've got style. Show it off to everyone that visits this web page!

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